Custom Facials

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Enhance your service with a dermaplane and/or and anti-aging or acne fighting benefits

from a Celluma LED red or blue light treatment

(additional charges will apply)

Pearl Express Facial

1 hour, $75

Ultra hydrating facial for all skin types! Includes hydrating cleanse, mild exfoliation, aloe face masque, relaxing face, neck, & hand massage, hydrate & SPF protection. A quick pampering facial for anyone "on the go" Ideal facial for all teens, Mom (Dad) & Daughter spa dates, and the perfect pick-me-up for Mommy's-to-be.

ZO & Glow Facial

1 hour 30 minutes, $90

This ultra hydrating and brightening facial is suitable for all skin types, and the perfect "pick me up" treatment guaranteed to restore your skin's natural beauty and healthy glow! Targets uneven pigment such as hyperpigmentation, dull appearance & complexion, rough skin tone & texture . Enjoy a deep cleanse with steam and mild exfoliation treatment, extractions (if needed), brightening masque with facial massage, hydration and SPF.

Pearl Signature Facial

1 hour 30 minutes, $135

Our favorite "anti -aging" facial is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive and fragile skin! This rejuvenating facial helps strengthen and restore skin vitality & structural integrity, hydrates to support visible improvement in skin elasticity & firmness. Turn back the clock and enjoy a hydrating double cleanse, dermaplane exfoliation, mild resurfacing enzyme peel with steam, extractions (if needed), hydrating masque with face & neck massage, hydration & SPF protection.

Acne PLUS Facial

1 hour 15 minutes, $149

This corrective facial is uniquely designed for oily and acne prone skin. The procedure includes both benefits of manual Dermaplane exfoliation and chemical exfoliation, targeting oil congestion, uneven pigment, and inflammation. Dermaplane removes unwanted superficial vellus "peach fuzz" hair that traps bacteria in the hair follicles and congesting pores by an overproduction of sebum (oil). With no downtime, the ZO Stimulator peel is a chemical exfoliation procedure, safe for all skin types, but not recommended for sensitive, mature, or weaker skin. After a deep cleanse, dual exfoliation procedures, extractions (if needed,) the service is complete with a complexion clearing masque, hydration, and SPF protection.