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Cherry Pink Lips

Dermal Fillers

Plump your lips, define your cheeks, sharpen your jawline, fill in fine lines

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, injectable dermal fillers help diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness in the face. This minimally invasive procedure has been known to help plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and improve the appearance of recessed scars by injecting fillers into the face with a needle.

Most physically healthy, non-smokers are good candidates for dermal fillers.

Patients with a history of severe allergy or anaphylaxis, bleeding disorders, and hypersensitivity to one of the components in the product preparation should not receive dermal fillers.

The continued aging of your face and variables in the absorption of fillers will affect how long your results last, but typically, you can expect results to last about 6 months to a year or so.

Complications from dermal fillers are uncommon. Potential risks vary depending on the specific filler used and include:

  • Acne-like skin eruptions;

  • Asymmetry;

  • Bruising;

  • Bleeding from the injection site;

  • Swelling;

  • Lumps;

  • Infection at the injection site;

  • Skin rash with itching;

  • Skin redness; and/or

  • Under or over-correction of wrinkles.

There is no true downtime with dermal fillers, but initial side effects can include swelling or bruising and temporary numbness or redness.

Dermal Fillers: Treatments
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