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VIPs: Welcome


Monthly membership fee is NOT banked. The free units of wrinkle relaxer make up for this! There is a 6 month minimum commitment. 
*Free wrinkle relaxer cannot be redeemed until 3 payment cycles have processed, does not roll-over, needs to be redeemed every 90 days

Beauty Bank

  • Monthly subscription to help you save for your next aesthetic treatment

  • Receive a 10% discount on products and services

  • Contribute $99 each month

  • This is your cash money to use towards services and products

  • Can redeem at any time

  • Never expires (as long as your subscription remains active)

  • Cancel at any time - Balance needs to be redeemed within 30 days of cancellation

  • May not redeem Beauty Bank balance for cash; it can only be used towards services and products at Pearl

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