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30 min, $249/session
VIPs: $50 off

Sclerotherapy, also known as spider vein treatment, involves the injection of a solution into each affect vein, causing the vein to collapse and fade. Most health insurance plans will not cover spider vein treatment, related complications or another procedure to revise the appearance of your legs.

Sclerotherapy is a good option if you are bothered by spider veins anywhere on your body, are committed to following your plastic surgeon’s prescribed course of treatment, and have a positive outlook and realistic goals for your spider vein treatment.

If the sclerotherapy candidate has the following contraindications, he/she should not receive the procedure:

  • Pregnancy;

  • Thrombophlebitis;

  • Pulmonary emboli;

  • Hypercoagulable states; and/or,

  • Allergy to the sclerosing agents.

It does not require anesthesia and usually takes 15–90 minutes to complete, depending on the extent of the veins.

After each spider vein treatment, you will notice improvement of your skin’s appearance; however, it is important to realize that new spider veins may surface in the future.

The risks include:

  • Swelling and bruising;

  • Change in skin sensation;

  • Infection;

  • Hyperpigmentation;

  • Ulceration;

  • Scarring; and/or,

  • Persistent pain.

Within the first week, you may be instructed to wear support stockings for three to six weeks, and the treated sites will appear bruised. You will also be encouraged to walk around, and resume daily activities, besides any strenuous exercise. After two months, your vein treatment should have completed its healing.